Working With Brand Messaging Strategist – What’s It Like?

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Nora Sudduth

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Featured Image - Working With Brand Messaging Strategist - What's It Like?

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Your brand’s messaging is the difference between losing and winning customers.

75% of consumers say customer experience influences their brand loyalty. Strategic messaging comes in to help you enhance your customers’ loyalty, attract and retain customers, and drive growth.

Today, we shall explore how a brand messaging strategist can help you stand out.

What is a Brand Messaging Strategist?

A messaging strategist guides all communication of your brand’s core values. They help you to create strategic, engaging, and relevant messaging that resonates with your audience.

With my ConversionRX program, I’ll review your marketing positioning, build your funnel, and create tailored messaging that helps you increase your leads and sales.

Interested in working with me — Nora Suduth — to create compelling and creative messaging? Book a discovery call today!

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Benefits of Working With a Brand Messaging Strategist

The impact of a well-executed and strong messaging strategy will strengthen every facet of your business.

Building a Strong and Loyal Brand

Consistency in messaging is vital; a strategist will develop a comprehensive brand style guide that prevents a fluctuating brand message.

Consistency establishes credibility and gradually reinforces trust and loyalty among your customers. Plus, repeating similar messages will transform the customers into brand advocates.

Increased Sales

A well-thought-out brand messaging strategy will lead to more sales. By creating clear and compelling messaging, your brand will resonate with your target audience.

The more often your customer base hears a similar message, the more likely they are to believe it. Ultimately, the message will likely trigger them to take the desired action, like purchasing or signing up for a newsletter.

Better Your Marketing and Advertising Efforts

A messaging expert will help you deeply understand your target audience’s needs and desires and the message you want to communicate. Creating effective marketing and advertising campaigns will be much easier — you’ll have a clear idea of the channels and the call to action to include.

Develop a Cohesive Messaging Guide

Partnering with a strategist helps you get a clear plan and a unified messaging strategy in your organization.

A strategist outlines the communication guidelines and creates a brand message framework, highlighting the brand story, personality, unique value propositions, voice, and tone.

Get Expert Advice 

Internal brand strategies often lack the outside perspective. Therefore, a brand strategist researches your business to determine your current positioning and provides a tailored approach to develop a unique brand image and improve performance.

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Brand Messaging Strategist vs. Marketing Strategist

Brand messaging and a marketing strategist are distinct and equally important roles in an organization.

Here’s how they differ.

Brand Messaging Strategist

A messaging strategist finds and uses the right words to showcase a brand’s identity and the needs of your audience. They guide all your brand’s communication to reflect who you are as a business.

For example — for over 20 years, I — Nora Suduth — have helped thousands of brands tell their stories to their audiences. I use clear and persuasive messaging to drive your brand loyalty, increase sales, and differentiate your offerings.

Book a call with me, and let’s explore opportunities to grow your business with tailored messaging.

Marketing Strategist

A marketing strategist spearheads all marketing efforts and creates campaigns for a business.

They research market trends and can predict future market trends. Plus, they explore potential gaps to implement future strategies. They also have a solid understanding of marketing tactics and can use them to attract and retain potential clients.

Besides, they are responsible for analyzing sales data and marketing metrics to set objectives and strategies for the company.

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Brand Messaging Strategist vs. Positioning Strategist

Let’s see how a messaging and positioning strategist differs.

Brand Messaging Strategist

A messaging strategist helps you showcase why your customers should pick you over the competitors (key differentiators) and highlight what you can do for your audience (value propositions).

Besides, they help you create detailed and irresistible messages to win over your audience.

Positioning Strategist

A positioning strategist, on the other hand, helps you present the unique value of your offerings to the customers. They help you implement strategic actions to improve your brand’s image and visibility.

For example — McDonald’s positions itself as a trusted and affordable food chain.

What to Look for in a Brand Messaging Strategist

Selecting the right strategist is the foundation of effective messaging and requires careful consideration.

Here’s what to look for in a messaging expert.

Expertise in Your Industry and Audience

Consider a well-rounded strategist with deep knowledge of your specific industry and an understanding of your target audience. These insights are crucial in aligning your messaging with the specifics of your industry and audience.

With this expertise, they can dive deeper to produce accurate and compelling copy.

Aligns with Your Business Goals

Partner with a messaging expert who is genuinely interested in understanding your brand and goals. While they bring their expertise, their goals should align with yours.

They should ask questions and understand the crucial aspects of your product (or service). Besides, they should evaluate how messaging affects your target audience and shape it accordingly.

Keeps The Future in Mind

Promises don’t mean much if a brand fails to meet them. An exceptional brand strategist emphasizes authenticity and ensures your messaging is compelling yet achievable.

They incorporate messages that align with your values and can be consistently delivered. Plus, they anticipate your brand’s growth and create messaging that can evolve with your brand.

Offer Diverse Services

Brand messaging often interconnects with other facets like email and social media marketing and copywriting. When selecting a strategist, choosing one that excels in multiple areas is beneficial.

You’ll save time and money and ensure your communication is harmonious, strengthening the impact of your messaging.

Executive hosting a webinar with detailed document explanation.

Can a Brand Messaging Strategist Work with My Existing Marketing Team?

Absolutely! Usually, marketers and messaging strategists work together to win the customers’ trust.

A messaging expert finds the right words and ways to connect with your niche. They also develop a cohesive messaging strategy master guide with easy-to-follow guidelines that will impact your marketing campaigns.

So, you could miss out a lot when you don’t work with a messaging strategist. For instance — your marketing may not resonate, and you might not reach the right audience.

Common Challenges a Brand Messaging Strategist Can Help Overcome

An experienced messaging consultant like me will help you solve your business setbacks and suggest tailored solutions to take you through the complex messaging process.

Book a call with me today and get the 1-on-1 messaging guidance you need to scale your business.

While you do that, let’s explore the common challenges a strategist like me can help you with.

Differentiating Your Brand

In a saturated market, it’s hard for businesses to create a distinct brand presence and avoid mimicking other brands.

Solution: A messaging expert helps to craft and communicate your unique value proposition, which is the starting point of setting your brand apart from the competitors.

They will also help you identify your values, strengths, the benefits your offerings provide, and your positioning. Plus, they’ll help you discover innovative ways of selling in a crowded market.

Aligning Your Brand

Businesses struggle to communicate their essence clearly and consistently. They have difficulty aligning the messaging with your brand’s values and mission.

Solution: A strategist will develop a messaging guide (defines the style, channels, and content types) and involve all the teams in your organization to ensure your messaging is consistent across different channels and touchpoints.

Plus, they will help you craft messages that align with your business goals and values.

User engaging with an online coaching platform offering a discovery call.

Understanding Your Audience

Not all messages are suitable for every customer. As a business owner, you must grasp your audience’s behavior and pain points to capture their attention and drive engagement.

A common challenge is implementing messaging strategies without understanding your audience’s needs and preferences.

Solution: An expert starts by analyzing and segmenting your audience before implementing strategies. Once the strategist defines your ideal customer, they customize your messaging to resonate with each audience segment on a deeper level.

Brand Online Presence and Relevance

With the rise of online advertising, it’s challenging for brands to remain visible to their potential customers. Also, updating your messaging and maintaining brand relevance might be complicated as your business evolves.

Solution: A strategist will help you update your brand messaging on an ongoing basis after measuring the impact of your messaging. They identify what messages are working and what aren’t and make changes accordingly.

They’ll also help you craft engaging messages to build a solid online presence.

Serious woman working on business strategy with reports on a desk.

How Can a Brand Messaging Strategist Measure Success?

Like other business strategies, a strategist constantly measures the success of your messaging and adjusts it accordingly.

Here are some standard ways I usually use.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates reveal the effectiveness of your messaging in achieving your overall objectives — whether it’s to generate sales, drive your user engagement, or capture leads.

The higher the conversion rate, the more effective your messaging.

Engagement Rates

The engagement metrics gauge the customers’ interactions with your message and their brand experience. They can include social media engagement, click-through rates, and email open rates.

When your messaging and content resonate with your audience, there will be an increase in engagement.

Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers show the success of your messaging in building deeper relationships and providing a positive customer experience.

You can track your customer loyalty using metrics such as referrals, positive reviews, repeat purchases, customer retention rates, and customer lifetime.

Financial Performance

Although the financial indicators don’t directly show the importance of brand messaging, they showcase the overall impact of your messaging on your business goals.

So, you can monitor metrics like revenue increase and profit margins to determine the effectiveness of your messaging.


As you’ve seen, it takes more than a fantastic product or service to stand out. And that’s where your brand messaging strategist comes in to help you give your business a unique identity.

Ready to take your messaging to the next level?

As a business growth consultant, I’m here to guide you to discover your unique voice and cut through the marketing noise. I’ll help you communicate why your customers should choose you and emotionally engage your audience.

Book a discovery call, and let’s make your messaging more relevant, engaging, and personalized.

Nora Sudduth

Want help with your messaging strategy? 

Get started and let’s set up a discovery call.

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