The Secret of Selling In a Crowded Market

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Nora Sudduth

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The coaching and consulting industry is booming with more and more people making the decision to invest their time, talent and efforts into helping others. Today’s coaches and consultants face fierce competition and it’s increasingly important to make your business stand out in a potentially saturated market. 

The idea of differentiation is nothing new. Standing out in the crowd, having something different to say, something different to offer has always been important in business. But the markets and your prospects are evolving too. What your ideal prospect cares about, what will truly drive them to buy from you, is no longer about YOU being different. 

Because of how competitive most markets are, prospects aren’t just looking for differentiation in  your years of experience, your education, your client success stories, your personality or perspective.  They’re looking beyond that. 

When your ideal prospect looks out into the sea of coaches and consultants, they’re seeing folks  offering the same benefits, the same promises, the same outcome, the same results. The overwhelming majority of consultants and coaches and information marketers do not have a unique benefit that no one else is offering. 

Keep in mind, your prospects have most likely been let down before. Your prospects have likely invested in other solutions before discovering you. They’ve invested in coaching, consulting, online courses and other information products that fell short of the results they promised. Online marketing tends to be filled with hype and big promises, and your ideal prospect is out there looking for a different way to get the result they still want. As they evaluate coaches and consultants to invest in, they’re looking for what makes you different and unique in this crowded sea of sameness. 

So how do you differentiate yourself if you are offering the outcome, the same result, and prospects are looking for more than what makes you personally different from other coaches and consultants in your market? What is the kind of differentiation today that will drive prospects to buy?

It’s the principle of having a flagship framework and using that framework to position yourself in the market… 

Finding Your Flagship Framework

Your flagship framework is how your product or service uniquely delivers results. It’s how your product, your service, your consulting, your coaching, your information product works to fulfill that promise that you are making to your prospects. Your flagship framework can’t be a commodity, the way everyone else is doing it, the way your prospects can get or learn about anywhere else. 

Whatever it is that you are helping people experience, whatever outcome, result, or transformation you’re helping your prospect achieve, your flagship framework is your specific process that you lead them through to get there. It’s your formula, your framework, your system, your methodology that is specific to you. Your flagship framework is your proprietary approach for delivering the results and it’s only available from you. 

Remember that your prospects want a new and different way of getting results. When you demonstrate that your proprietary flagship framework delivers the results they want, it gives them hope.  The reason why they buy is because they have hope. Hope that maybe this time around with your flagship framework, something they’ve never been given before, that this time around things will be different. Maybe now with your unique process they will be successful. Prospects think about all the things they’ve already tried, all the things that didn’t work in the past and have hope that maybe they didn’t work because they were missing this unique way of doing it.

Your prospect is searching for a solution that works, a solution that can help them achieve the outcome they want. When you demonstrate that your proprietary method can get them there, and you are the only provider of that proprietary method, it’s so much more powerful than your competitive advantage being about your personality, your perspective, or your background story. 

Your flagship framework is how to secure different positioning in the marketplace. It’s how you will stand out as the provider of a unique solution compared to everybody else that you’re competing with.  And the great news is that every experienced coach, consultant and service provider has a flagship framework. You just need to understand how to pull it out of what you’re already doing, packaging it together properly, giving it a name and then using it as the focus of your marketing. 

Using Your Flagship Framework in Your Marketing

Identifying your flagship framework is the first step. Once you’re clear on that your unique method is, the next step is to use it to create a strong position in the market that speaks directly to your ideal prospect. 

You do this by showing your prospect how your flagship framework is the only thing that addresses the real root cause of your prospect’s problem.Demonstrate how your proprietary framework is different because it doesn’t just address the symptoms of the problem, it solves the real underlying problem that your prospect is trying to solve. When you can do this, when you can demonstrate that you have a new and different way, a unique proprietary way to solve their problem and you are the only source of that solution, the only one in the marketplace that is offering to o it this way, now you’re truly create a strong position in the market to differentiate yourself from the sea of competition.

Don’t get lost in all the noise. Don’t allow your services, your expertise to get lost in the sea of competitors. 

Want to learn more? Check out this free training on the importance of having your own Flagship Framework. 

Want some help finding your Flagship Framework? Learn more about how we can help and apply here. 

Nora Sudduth

Want help with your messaging strategy? 

Get started and let’s set up a discovery call.

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Nora Sudduth
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