How to Implement Urgency Messaging for More Sales

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Nora Sudduth

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Featured Image - How to Implement Urgency Messaging for More Sales

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Put yourself in the shoes of an indecisive online shopper. 

She wants this new handbag, but she’s unsure she needs it. Still, she picks up the item, only to abandon her cart at the last minute.

Why? There’s no motivation strong enough to push her to buy.

But what if we changed the scenario a bit? Let’s add a “Limited-time discount: 40% off!” badge on the eye-catching accessory. 

Our indecisive shopper, like 69% of millennials who make decisions urged by the fear of missing out (FOMO), will most likely head to the checkout page, securing her new bag and a massive discount to boot!

All thanks to urgency messaging.

TL;DR – How to Implement Urgency Messaging

In the complete guide below, I will help you create urgency in your sales and marketing strategies.

Sneak a peek at this overview:

  • Introduce limited-time offers
  • Start flash sales or promotions
  • Limit stock availability
  • Launch exclusive clubs
  • Use social proof

You can also go the extra mile with personalized, one-on-one coaching on your marketing strategy. Start a FiniSprint with me, Nora Sudduth, today!

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What is Urgency Messaging?

Urgency messaging is a product messaging technique that leverages people’s fear of missing out (FOMO) to push your target audience to make quick purchase decisions.

This marketing tactic is driven by the scarcity principle, which states that the rarer or the more difficult it is to acquire a product, the higher its perceived value. As a result, the demand for that product also increases.

So, if your sales figures are looking bleak, creating a sense of urgency with your messaging could ignite interest in your brand and drive sales.

Real vs. Implied Urgency

There are two types of urgency messaging: real and implied.

  • Real urgency is communicating an offer that will expire after a specific period, such as one day or once a season is over.

Promos, discounts, or deals meant to last only during the summer or winter months or after a two-day sale are examples of this type of messaging.

  • On the other hand, implied urgency refers to messaging with no set period for when an offer will expire. This type of messaging uses broader terms like “today” to mean that an offer is ending soon.

Urgency Statements Examples

You may draw inspiration from the following examples of urgency statements:

Adidas’ Summer Savings

Adidas Summer Savings Promo

Like this Adidas offer, get those sales going with enticing offers for product releases meant for specific seasons.

The copy “Get up to 50% off tons of warm weather favorites during our summer markdowns sale” adds further appeal to the large, attention-grabbing, above-the-fold invitation of “UP TO 50% OFF”.

Sephora’s Limited Edition Badges

Sephora's make-up selection

Badges like Sephora’s “Limited Edition” invite customers to go from casually interested to adding to the cart because it implies that the products won’t be around very long.

Amazon’s Discount Offer

Clothing selection from Amazon shop.

Every customer likes discounts. 

Amazon’s “limited time deal” badge on certain products banks on that.

It entices people who want to look fashionable without breaking the bank to buy now if they want to avail of this amazing offer.

Decathlon’s Limited Sizes

Decathlon limited series collection.

Another way to create urgency is to tell people that only a few variations of a product are available, like this example from Decathlon.

If you’re interested in this product, it tells you that lots of other people are, too, and you need to buy one now if you don’t want stocks of your size to run out.

Have these examples inspired you to express urgency in your messaging? I can help transform your ideas into a winning campaign. Hop on a discovery call with me to know how.

What Are the Benefits of Creating Urgency in Sales?

Urgency messages tap into people’s emotional motivations (like the fear of missing out on a good deal or excitement over an exclusive offer), causing a rush of engagement and boosting sales.

Other than that, creating urgency also:

  • Improves product perception: Urgency messaging makes a product more appealing to others. It shows your customers that many people are buying, which naturally sparks curiosity–if many like it, it must be good!
  • Shoots up demand: Going back to the scarcity principle, people view a product that’s difficult to attain as more valuable than those that aren’t. As a result, more people become interested in buying.
  • Helps customers make decisions faster: Do you have a problem with high cart abandonment rates? It shows that people are interested in your products but not interested enough to follow through.

Urgency messaging helps them make up their minds by providing an incentive for the purchase, be it the fulfillment of acquiring something others miss out on or saving money.

Smiling woman on phone taking notes with laptop and coffee on desk.

How to Implement Urgency Messaging

The following techniques can help you increase urgency in your brand messaging:

Introduce Limited Time Offers

Let your customers know you’re offering a great deal–but not for long!

Limited-time offers, such as discounts and other promos that expire after a specific period, urge consumers to act fast if they don’t want to miss out.

Take a look at this example from Havaianas’ “End of summer sale”:

Havaianas end of summer sale.

Also, 70% off? I mean, I don’t need a new pair of flip-flops, but who cares? I’ll get one!

Start Flash Sales or Promotions

Generate excitement about your brand by starting flash sales and limited promotions. 

Announce events at the last minute via your chosen channels and ensure that people know they’re ending very soon.

These gimmicks can also be incentives for loyal customers who follow your page, regularly check your website for updates, or subscribe to your newsletter.

Here’s an example of a limited promo from Rare Beauty, which offers free concealer for every purchase of foundation:

Rare Beauty free concealer of every purchase.

Rare Beauty’s consumer base consists of makeup enthusiasts who know that base makeup needs a good combination of foundation and concealer.

Giving away a free concealer with every purchase of foundation is a huge ‘GO’ sign nudging their customers toward the checkout page.

Limit Stock Availability

Another way to hype your brand is by limiting the number of available stocks.

You can do this in 2 ways:

  • Announcing the limited number of products available upon product launch
  • Showing how many pieces are left in your inventory

Look at how New Balance employs this technique (below), showing customers when only a few pairs are left of their bestselling shoes or labeling them as sold out when restocking their inventory.

Customers can opt to be notified when their favorites are back in stock, which helps create excitement and, when someone finally makes a purchase after a long wait, makes the buying experience even more fulfilling.

Item NB Numberic 48 High is sold out.

Launch Exclusive Clubs

People naturally want to belong.

Leverage this emotional motivation by creating clubs or members-only deals that encourage loyalty and forge deeper customer relationships.

See how Adidas does it:

Adidas members only shopping.

If you’re a sneaker lover, that “Members Only” tag will surely pique your interest and lure you to sign up!

Use Social Proof

Reviews and other user-generated content have a powerful pull. 

They demonstrate the level of interest around your brand and show real people who share their experience with your products. 

Skincare brands like The Ordinary benefit immensely from social proof because, unlike clothes or accessories, which you can appreciate just from photos, you need experience with the products to tell whether they’re any good.

The Ordinary shop homepage.

Their “See it in action” section that comes with every product description features real people who use their products:

Illustrations of individuals using the product.

How to Balance Urgency with User Experience

It can be tempting to place a “Limited offer” or “Offer expires in 2 hours!” badge on every product on your website, but you really shouldn’t!

Remember that urgency messaging often interrupts the customer experience. Striking a balance between creating urgency and ensuring a seamless experience is key to keeping your customers happy.

These can help you do just that:

Don’t Overdo the “Limited Time Offer”

If all your customers see on your social media accounts or website are limited offers, they will eventually lose interest. 

It doesn’t take long before people realize it’s a marketing ploy to get them to spend.

To avoid this, always start with a marketing plan that allows you to space offerings or set up multi-tier strategies that provide messaging opportunities at various campaign levels.

Match with a Compelling Value Proposition

Remember that the root of consumer interest is still a good value proposition. 

Tell your audience why they need your product before starting an urgency campaign. 

This goes back to knowing what your customers need or want and introducing your product as the solution.

Ensure that Products are Relevant

Target the right audience to ensure that you speak to people who will find your products useful or interesting. 

Otherwise, your messages may fall under the pile of annoying ads.

Involve Your Customers

Another way to create a positive customer experience is to feature user-generated content in your urgency messaging.

Reviews, testimonials, and user tutorials show a familiar face that your customers identify with.

They also lend credibility to your product offerings and make it easier for customers to trust your brand.

Professional recording a video call while reviewing documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s tackle the top questions about urgency messaging here:

What is Urgency Advertising?

Urgency advertising promotes products or services using time-sensitive elements or appealing to people’s fear of missing out. 

What Role Does Scarcity Play In Urgency Messaging?

Urgency messaging creates a sense of scarcity, making a product seem rare or increasing its perceived value due to the difficulty with which people acquire it.

How Can Social Proof Be Incorporated Into Urgency Messaging?

Social proof helps further customer interest in a product and convinces people they’re making the right decision by buying.

Customers trust reviews and other user-generated content more than influencer recommendations or brand-generated content.


Wondering how to close sales more quickly? The answer is in urgency messaging.

Start limited-time offers, launch flash sales, offer members-only deals, and use social proof to convince customers to make that purchase!

But if you want to make sure you’re hitting the nail on the head with your campaign, work with a brand strategist who has a killer combo of experience and expertise.

With over 20 years of business experience crafting thousands of successful campaigns, I’m excited to take your brand to the next level. Book a discovery call with me today!

Nora Sudduth

Want help with your messaging strategy? 

Get started and let’s set up a discovery call.

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