Nora Sudduth – Marketing Conversion & Funnel Specialist
What's working today to grow your list and convert more leads to customers

How Can I Help You Accelerate Results?

When it comes to starting, growing or scaling your business, we're here to help. 

Are You Launching New Business?

Launching a new business is exciting! ...and it can also be a little overwhelming. What if you had someone to give you the roadmap up front, so you always knew what you needed to do next. What if someone was there with you every step of the way to help you work through roadblocks and places where you get stuck? That's where I can help.  

  • Get complete clarity on your business model
  • Know exactly what you should be working on & in what order
  • Learn how to stand out from the competition
  • Discover how to create, package and price your irresistible offers
  • Find the marketing strategy that works best for you & your business
  • Generate leads and close sales consistently & predictably
  • Put systems in place so you never sacrifice your freedom & flexibility

Being home to allow my children to take the bus home from school was the type of the freedom and flexibility I was looking for when I left a full-time 6-figure corporate career of over 15 years so I could launch my own business and work from home, After creating my own 6-figure digital marketing agency in 9 months, I committed to helping others who were pursuing their own dreams. 


We have both done-for-you and done-with you funnel build options depending on your needs and budget.

  • DISCOVERY: Conversion Assessment & Consulting

    There's more to building a successful funnel than just building the pages. In fact, after working with hundreds of business owners to launch their funnels, I discovered that there are 7 conversion factors that make the difference between a funnel flop and a 7-figure funnel. During this phase we'll identify any conversion gaps, and create a plan to address them. We'll also create a funnel blueprint of your product, so you'll know exactly what it will take to complete the project.
  • DESIGN: Funnel & Follow Up Design

    In this phase we'll take all of your existing design assets and branding requirements, and our professional graphic designers will provide designs for your funnel steps. We'll also work with you to design your follow up communication messages to prospective leads and buyers.
  • BUILD: Implementation & Testing

    In this phase we'll build out the funnel, integrate all necessary 3rd party services that were identifiedd in our discovery phase, and we'll perform comprehensive testing to ensure it's ready for traffic. We will provide split test recommendations to help you monitor and optimize the funnel's performance.
  • OPTIMIZE: Launch

    Some of our clients will choose to have us help manage their paid traffic strategy while others prefer to run traffic themselves. In this phase we monitor and optimize the results of that traffic. We'll provide performance reports along with optimization recommmendations to help continually improve your conversion rates.
  • SCALE: Growth & Automation

    Now that you have a proven offer that converts, we can begin to scale. From additional front-end offers, to new traffic channels, to marketing and business systems and automation, this is where we'll help you create the structre to really accelerate.

Looking to Scale Your Business?

You're hitting a point where you need to put some marketing and business systems in place to continue to grow your business without losing your mind. Here are some of the topics we'll cover with clients who are looking to scale their business:

  • Setting clear 90-day quarterly targets and corresponding 30-60 day execution plans
  • Reviewing and managing your finances – your executive M.B.A. to running a business
  • Project management systems and training to always have clarity on where projects stand
  • Systems for hiring and onboarding new team members
  • How to incentivize team members and be the leader they need
  • How to introduce automation without sacrificing the customer experience
  • Ways to invest in customer retention and increased consumption

Looking to Optimize Your Funnel?

If you're sending traffic and not seeing the results you expected, we can review your entire marketing campaign to identify potential issues.  

  • Comprehensive review of ad creative and targeting
  • Comprehensive review of the marketing funnel across multiple platforms to ensure a functional customer experience
  • Comprehensive review of your marketing message and offer structure
  • Comprehensive review of your follow-up sequences and retargeting methods
  • Creation of a custom conversion model to identify conversion drop offs
  • Conversion optimization design and implementation plan
  • Testing and performance monitoring & reporting

Not Ready For A Detailed Optimization Review Yet? 

If you're just looking for some quick feedback on your marketing funnel, try our 5-Minute Mentor program. You'll receive a personal video of us walking through your marketing funnel with actionable feedback that you can implement right away.